Sunday, August 2, 2015

Do Antiabortion Activists Have Secret Surveillance Video Of Planned Parenthood?

The Center For Medical Progress and its allies on the right claim that they are releasing all the footage - but the numbers don't add up. In an interview with the Daily Caller, David Daleiden boasted he had 300 hours of undercover video. In an interview with the New York Times, the reporter told Daleiden of Planned Parenthood's claim that he had "thousands of hours" of video, and Daleiden said "that's probably an accurate estimate."

So far Daleiden's group has released four videos. Three of them are here, and they're less than seven hours. One is here, and it's an 11 minute clip. The group claims it has eight to 10 more videos coming. But they have 290 hours of footage they haven't shown us - assuming Daleiden was completely lying to the Times reporter and being honest with the Daily Caller.

When they're done, even by the most conservative and charitable estimate, the group will still have more than 250 hours of footage they're not showing us.

What's on that footage? We know the group has portrayed itself as a biomedical company to mingle with abortion providers at conventions. And it's also gained access to the clinics during abortion procedures.

What other staffers are identifiable in their footage?
Are patients identifiable?

We know that the group is working very closely with Troy Newman, the head of Operation Rescue. The group has a long history of harassment and disturbing ties to people who've murdered abortion providers. The New Republic calls them "an organization known for beleaguering pregnant women, and whose second-in-command has served jail time for conspiring to bomb an abortion clinic..." It's reasonable to assume Operation Rescue will have access to the full footage.

Finally, Daleiden says his investigation has been going on for two and a half years, but Planned Parenthood is claiming the investigation goes back eight years. Daleiden is only 26, so if Planned Parenthood's estimate is correct, it may involve other people besides Daleiden himself. Operation Rescue goes back decades.

We're not seeing everything. And it's important to understand that this footage is not just good propaganda - it's surveillance. It's an attempt to investigate and discredit Planned Parenthood, yes. But it's also information Operation Rescue can use for its efforts to come.

Who is on that video, and what is Operation Rescue going to do to them?

If you haven't thought about that question, you should.

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