Monday, August 3, 2015

"Donald Trump Is My Greatest Legacy" By Ronald Reagan

My Fellow Americans:

We did it. Three and a half decades ago when I took office, I told you we would renew the promise of this country. I think that promise has indeed returned, and it takes the form of a humble and likable man from Queens. Today that man leads the party of Lincoln on a quest to take the highest office in the land. The rise of Donald Trump, and people like him, was everything my administration stood for.

When we fought to cut capital gains taxes, when we demanded deregulation, and when we battled against the union stranglehold over this nation's economy, it was so the great men of the business and financial world - men of Donald Trump's character - could go as far as they dared. And he did. Oh boy, did he ever.

Who can doubt that Donald Trump embodies the soul and spirit of this country during my administration? Who can doubt that everything my office did was to unleash the full power of Donald Trump on the country's economy and on its culture?

We gave Donald Trump the tools to accomplish all that he is capable of... both in America and in the Republican Party. He has changed both of them forever.

You're welcome.

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  1. Was it supposed to be 'three and a half decades' at the top, or is that a joke about his senility that I didn't get?

    1. Oh my God, it's MY senility at play here. I keep thinking the 80s weren't that long ago. Thanks for catching. I changed.

      You kids stay off my lawn!


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