Thursday, August 13, 2015

Liberals, Not Libertarians, Are The Ones Helping Us Avoid Getting Incinerated

Rand Paul will only take sanity so far. Remember that. He talks a good game, but when the Iran deal comes up for a vote, he'll oppose it like any other Republican. He wants to chase this myth of a better alternative. People like to think of him as a Libertarian. Okay, Libertarianesque. But he's lining up with the war party on this one.

The Iran deal offers a possibility of easing tensions with that nation. And we're going to need to continue to take actions like this if we want to dismantle our hideous security state - which is not keeping you safe or free. It's not everything. But it's a crucial first step.

This is how you start getting serious about turning our empire back into a republic. Rand Paul acts like he understands that. But he has a chance to do something about it in the real world, and he is going to pass.

You know who are backing the plan for not incinerating you? Liberals. They're the coalition supporting this deal. Good, old-fashioned, hemp-wearing liberals. They're the ones not living in a fantasy land. If you want a country where TSA punks aren't groping you every time you go to the airport it starts with taking people off our enemies list. Liberals, not Fox Libertarians, get this. And the regular kind of Libertarians aren't even at the table.

Cheering for Rand Paul and waiting for the magical Libertarian fairy to change the country is fine when you're in college, but you kids need to take off those ties and sport coats and grow the hell up.

Here. This will help.

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