Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Oshkosh Wins A Major Military Contract For Humvee-Replacements To Go To ISIS

The Washington Post reported that Oshkosh Defense scored a contract worth up to $30 billion to build more than 55,000 Joint Light Tactical Vehicles to give to the US Army and Marines, before eventually handing them over to ISIS.

The Wisconsin-based company competed against Lockheed Martin and AM General for an agreement that could provide manufacturing jobs through 2040. The new vehicle is intended to replace the aging fleet of Humvees, which are already deployed with the extremist group.

The Post reports that the vehicle improves armor and mobility over previous models, adding:

The new design is an acknowledgment of the kinds of wars the Pentagon has been fighting, conflicts that often don’t have frontlines, with often invisible enemies whose bombs can turn the most pedestrian roadway into a death trap.

Current US strategy is to use these vehicles in a series of interventions over the next few decades, where they will be abandoned and delivered to ISIS as the political and military situation spirals out of control. Of course, at some point ISIS itself may be replaced by a better-armored and more agile organization. But representatives at the defense company are confident the new vehicle will be up to the task:

In an interview, Oshkosh chief executive Charles Szews called the company’s offering “one extreme mobility vehicle” that could outrun both a Jeep and Humvee. “And it looks kind of mean, which is good for a military vehicle.”

ISIS executives could not be reached for comment.

(Photo by Oshkosh Defense)

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