Sunday, August 30, 2015

Please Ask Your Senator To Support The Iran Deal

According to Politico the administration needs three more senators to support the Iran deal in order for it to pass. Tim Kaine, one of the good, stalwart leaders from my beloved commonwealth of Virginia, has already announced his support. My other senator, Mark Warner, though a decent man, is still undecided. I just emailed him to express my feeling that he'd better get off the goddamned dime. If you are a Virginian, please do likewise by contacting him here.

At issue is whether you want to take steps to cool down hostilities with one of the most powerful countries in the Gulf region, or whether you like this deal we've got going where we have a new war there every few years.

Do I like the Iranian government? No. But do I hate the Iranian people? No. Definitely not. And do I dislike their government enough to end the lives of a couple thousand of my countrymen and women and send their kids back those little folded triangle flags in place of parents?

No. You shouldn't either.

Politico lists the five most important remaining holdouts. Here they are, with links to contact pages:

Ben Cardin of Maryland
Cory Booker of New Jersey (Don't break our hearts, Cory. Don't you do that.)
Chris Coons of Delaware
Michael Bennet of Colorado
Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut

For the rest of you, here's the official webpage where you can find your Senator and his or her email.

Take a couple minutes and do it. It's important.


  1. I took your suggestion and emailed Senator Bennet asking him to support the deal. If you don't mind, I'll post the response here:

    Thank you for contacting me regarding U.S. policy toward Iran. I appreciate hearing from you.

    Over the past decade, there have been international concerns that Iran has made progress toward obtaining a nuclear weapon - a prospect that we cannot allow.

    In the Senate, I have supported tough sanctions on the Iranian government. Sanctions can be an effective tactic but they do not represent a coherent diplomatic strategy. We must aggressively use all of the political, diplomatic and economic tools available to us to mobilize the international community and ensure the effectiveness of our sanctions.

    In November 2013, the Obama Administration along with the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia, and China (P5+1) began a series of diplomatic negotiations with Iran on its nuclear program. While I support the efforts to engage Iran and its people through diplomacy, I'm cognizant of the security risks Iran poses to our allies in the region and to the international community at large.

    On July 14, 2015, the P5+1 reached an agreement on Iran's nuclear program. Under the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act, which I supported, Congress now has 60 days to review the final text. Our primary goal must be to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. That would be the worst outcome. In evaluating this deal, we must weigh the terms of the agreement against the realities of the current situation. I am carefully reviewing the agreement and consulting with a variety of experts. Congress has an important responsibility in this process, and playing politics right now is the last thing we need. The stakes are high, and I take this decision very seriously.

    Like many Coloradans, I am deeply concerned by many other issues with the Iranian government. In May 2015, the Senate passed a resolution calling on Iran to release all U.S. citizens wrongly detained in that country and to work with our government to locate missing U.S. citizens. I supported that amendment and will continue to address other areas of concern.

    I value the input of fellow Coloradans in considering the wide variety of important issues and legislative initiatives that come before the Senate. I hope you will continue to inform me of your thoughts and concerns.

    For more information about my priorities as a U.S. Senator, I invite you to visit my website at Again, thank you for contacting me.



    Michael F. Bennet
    United States Senator


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