Saturday, August 15, 2015

Republican Women Favor Trump Because He Appeals To Their Stockholm Syndrome

A week ago I wrote that Donald Trump actually has an edge among women in the GOP primary even though women as a whole are planning to reject him in the general election. All that was before the debate, and before Trump decided to flank his Republican rivals by staking out a bold anti-menstruation stance.

A recent poll by Morning Consult indicates his tactics may be working. Female primary voters now give Trump 29% support - their highest among the candidates.Donald Trump seems to have locked down Republican women by skillfully appealing to their obvious and crippling Stockholm Syndrome.

It's a perfect strategy, and it's not surprising the brash New York businessman has seized on it. Other candidates might try to soft-pedal Republican policies, but only a guy who finds nursing mothers "disgusting" and extols the virtues of "having a young and beautiful piece of ass" is really going to get Republican women. They're Republicans who are women, after all. They dismiss the idea that they should control their own bodies, and they embrace a party that rejects feminism and voted against a bill to protect women from domestic violence. They ignore the fact that their entire movement is packed with old guys who make creepy comments about rape and female sexuality.

Why would they want someone who pretends to respect them? Not when they can have a guy who swaps spouses as they age like he's upgrading siding on one of his crappy buildings, while he himself slowly turns into a featureless bag of splotchy, pock-marked flesh stuffed into a gaudy suit and topped with a cloud of imitation hair the exact shade and texture of an invasive parasitic weed. No. Republican women know a good thing when they see it.

The Washington Times says he might appeal to these women because of his image as a "family man." I have no doubt that this is true. The kind of woman who longs for the Handmaid's Tale nightmare that GOP policies embody obviously envisions the perfect domestic partner as a guy who sexually harasses women a fraction of his age on a reality show. Being a Republican woman means you're fully on board with guys like Donald Trump. An obese man who looks like some kind of ghost-clown appraising Megyn Kelly's uterus and then telling an obvious lie about it is probably one of the least offensive things ladies of the GOP would accept, personally or politically.

It's because of their values, right? They accept Republican polices, and the people who hypocritically use them to win elections while showing absolutely no personal commitment to them, because women of that party also accept centuries of orthodox religious tradition that condemns their gender while having a clear record of excuse-making for every terrible thing men have ever wanted to do.

Republican women identify with their captor. And their captor looks like a walking pimple with a bad toupee.

(NOTE: Head is clipped from photo by David Shankbone, which was retouched by User:Megapixie - David Shankbone. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons; Patty Hearst picture is fair use downloaded from here.)

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  1. I live in a deep red state and so know a fair number of Republican women. I also have canvassed in that deep red state and been elected to office.

    Based on my experience Republican women generally view life this way: "I am a good, god fearing, married woman so obviously anything bad that happens to me is a terrible tragedy while anything that happens to another woman is her own fault for being such a failure at my perfection." So they overlook his boorish behavior because as far as they are concerned, he is not targeting them he is targeting someone else who of course deserves it.


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