Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Truth Behind The Hillary Clinton UN/FEMA Conspiracy (In Handy FAQ Form!)

What the hell was that thing you posted yesterday?
Yesterday I posted Hillary Clinton And The Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad UN/FEMA Conspiracy - the opener to a larger fiction project which will follow the 2016 election. It is a story set in a conspiracy theory world which will reflect and explain the madness you're going to watch on the news as we pick the next US president.

What do you mean by that?
I will tell a story of characters connected to the people running for office. The characters have discovered the shocking truth of the massive conspiracy behind the US political and economic system. And now they are fighting for their lives as the election unfolds in real time.

How will the story unfold in real time?
As I post different "chapters" of the story, it will reflect events that have just happened - the results of polls, debates, and primaries. Insane gaffes and scandals will drive the plot. And of course, new candidates might enter and current candidates will leave.

So you haven't written it yet?
I am finishing the map of the world behind the scenes - the people involved and what they want, what they must accomplish. I will use what I know to respond to events as they happen.

What does the timeline on this thing look like?
I will post a few new items through November to keep you updated. Around that time the posts will become more frequent as the election starts to heat up. By the time we get into the primaries I will be posting chapters immediately after major events. I'm hoping to develop a readership who will follow the conspiracy - checking back with it to see how the story is responding to what they saw on TV the night before. I plan to post the thrilling conclusion right after the election.

So it's like a Choose Your Own Adventure?
Sort of. I think of it like one of my bizarre blog posts that fictionalize the lives of political leaders in a way that makes them make sense.

But improvised.

So it's like a Choose Your Own Adventure.
Fine. Call it whatever you want.

Any other ways you make this even crazier?
I'm going to try to weave real internet chatter and links into the storyline, so it blurs the boundary between the conspiracy and the truth even more. A comment war on a rightwing website say, or selection from Twitter.

Why? What's the point?
It's kind of a meditation on how paranoia is driving American politics. It's also an interesting way to deal with what might be a really, really depressing year.

Give us a teaser.
One of the main characters played Grimace in the Donald Trump McDonald's commercials. It was 2002 during the runup to the Iraq War and the start of Friendster. Something happened on that set.

Give me your questions and comments below, and I will respond.


  1. So, was FEMA's incompetence following Hurricane Katrina a staged performance, to make Americans view them more as Keystone Kops than Gestapo?

    1. Right now, my attitude is that sometimes FEMA is just FEMA. But I like how you think, man.

  2. This sounds fascinating. I like these "experimental" works of fiction.

    1. Thanks. I'm pretty excited about it too.

  3. I wish your project well, but conversely I also wish for ill conditions for satirists.

    1. Ill conditions that would destroy me, but help the project? I'll take it.


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