Friday, August 14, 2015

What If They NEVER Come For Our Guns?

I just had a crazy thought.

I was up late last night, double-checking the generators, counting atropine doses, and arguing on the internet with this jackass who thinks Obama's American... and it popped into my head. You're going to laugh when I tell you what it was. But I gotta get this out.

What if the UN/FEMA shock troops never actually come for our weapons?

I know, I know. I gotta calm down. Tell me I'm being insane here. I mean, of course they're building concentration camps out in the Southwest. They'll go house to house, seize the guns, process us all through the select Wall-Mart Supercenters, and then relocate us so progressive elites can destroy any opposition to a one-world government. We know this.

It's just... it's just that they haven't done it yet. And it's kind of been awhile. Remember Y2K? I mean, that was supposed to be the big one. Then Obama got elected during an economic meltdown, and we all figured he was going to use it to destroy the US economy - which I'm totally sure he will - but the guy's in year seven, and he's really taking his damn time about it.

Also, something else. I mean, you know how powerful companies have flooded US elections with dark money? Ordinary Americans have no influence on policy - they've been crowded out by rich people and organized groups. We have massive economic inequality. And US foreign policy... well that thing is a black box. The Pentagon has a huge classified budget; we do secret targeted strikes and covert operations all over the world. It's out of our control. Plus the NSA is spying on us, they lie about it, and no one can do anything to stop them.

I understand it's part of a bigger plan. But... I wonder if it's possible that all this is the plan. Like maybe the people in charge of this country don't really have to steal the guns. Not if they've stolen everything else while we're out here doing Wolverine Drills in northern Idaho. In fact, maybe the notion that they would come for the guns is an antiquated fantasy. Like how the British thought they could defeat the colonists with their tightly-packed lines, or how the Americans thought they could defeat al-Qaeda by invading countries and toppling governments. A paradigm shift we didn't see.

Maybe rich people just used the information age to bushwhack us. And part of how they did it was by intervening in countries all over the world to dominate their governments and markets, which created the blowback that justifies this bloated security state and keeps us all terrified of foreigners so we don't ask questions. And you and me and most of the guys in Hannity Team... well, we're all vets of these campaigns, and some of us are cops and intelligence guys. So, it almost seems, sometimes, like we're doing this guerrilla warfare role-play thing as a way to avoid thinking about how they already won the game. And how we kind of helped them.

Yeah, you're right. That can't be true. It'll be Hillary. Yes. That makes sense.

Hillary will take our guns!

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  1. I did the math on this, and it's ridiculous. It would take decades, if not centuries, to track down and confiscate all the firearms in America.

    1. Hey this is a good piece of info! Thanks man. I know I'm going to need to link to this, given our shared proclivities for whacking at these people.

    2. Tragically relevant for me. A friend of mine, a social worker, was just shot to death by a woman who had lost custody of her 9-year old. The woman was a chronic criminal and sometime heroin addict/dealer who had been on the background check "no" list since 1998. The woman also shot three of her relatives who had reported her for abusing her kid. But since we are awash in firearms and private sales are unregulated she somehow got a high powered rifle.

    3. I'm so sorry. I don't know how to respond to that; I really don't. I wish our country could understand that these are real people who are dying.

  2. It's like the second coming. We've been waiting for it since 33 AD. And the Jews? They've been waiting for the first coming a lot longer.


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