Saturday, September 5, 2015

The New Poll On Trump Shows I've Been Overestimating America

I've made a mistake. I hate to admit that, but it's true.

While I've spent the past few weeks criticizing Donald Trump as an incompetent jackass and his supporters as ignorant racists... I've also been kind of treating the whole thing as a side issue. I've had a lot of fun with it, because I never thought a guy who was proudly contemptuous of women and minorities stood a real chance of getting elected.

The new SurveyUSA poll proves me wrong. Evidently Trump is now leading in general election match-ups against the possible Democratic contenders. Boy, is the egg on my face.

I thought at some point a guy getting endorsements from people in the white supremacist community, or demonstrating he was completely ignorant of foreign affairs, or even lobbing junior high-school insults at female critics, would disqualify him. I figured I knew how low our standards as a nation would go. I was mistaken there.

Huh. A real head-scratcher.

Donald Trump might be the favorite among Republican voters, I reasoned... but it's not like he'd start to show popularity among the whole of the American public. We're a screwed up nation - but not that screwed up, right? That's what I believed anyway. But I was totally wrong.

I've been mocking the GOP and the American people for years now, and I kind of thought I had a handle on how bad things could get. You learn something new every day, don't you?

Evidently, a large number of you out there want to give Donald Trump control over the executive branch of the government and our military, which includes our nuclear arsenal. You think this is actually a good idea, and not just as some kind of goof.

You're not joking, right? Because if you are, maybe you should say so. No? Alright.

I'm still sure many of you are ignorant racists. Nothing - absolutely nothing - Donald Trump has done in the past two months has changed that. In fact, I'm more certain of it. But I am really very surprised to learn that there are so, so many of you. Very surprised. Wow.

Donald Trump. President Donald Trump. President of the United States. You want to actually make that kind of thing happen. I'm sort of at a loss for how to respond to that. I need to go rethink my whole attitude toward you people.

Um, Good luck?


  1. I wouldn't feel too bad. It is true that about one-third of the American people really are completely vile -- almost unimaginably so. If you asked them, one-third of Americans would be in favor of nuking Mexico City -- or any other city for that matter. Really: they are horrible, horrible people.

    But I think this poll is an outlier. For example, it also finds that one-third of Hispanics and a quarter of African Americas would vote for Trump. It's clearly a skewed sample. Also, this is without Trump getting attacked by Democrats. I still don't see him having a shot in the general election. I actually like the poll result, because it will make the Republicans more willing to nominate him. And as horrible as he is, it is only in terms of style. In terms of policy, Trump is actually better than the other Republican contenders. If you want to be depressed, think about that for a while!

    1. Yeah, that last part bums me out. I've followed your posts on this, and I agree. With Trump there's some instability of his character that adds to my worries. I think the job will break him.

      Anyway, you're probably right on the poll. Let's see.

  2. Trump is the current Arnold Schwarzenegger without the ability. I think it is because he is a well known personality and has been in the public's mind for decades. But it is months yet, he may get bored.

    1. I was quite certain that Arnold would never be elected and then suddenly he was my governor. My landlady voted for him because she thought it would be "awesome".

  3. Here in the UK 'trump' is slang for fart.

    Although it would probably end in the deaths of millions, having a President Trump would at least give people from Northern England a laugh.

    Silver linings and that.


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