Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Americans Want A President Decisive Enough To Get Us All Incinerated

Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey ramped up his tough talk on foreign policy on Monday, calling President Obama a “weakling” and saying that the United States should threaten to shoot down Russian planes conducting airstrikes in Syria. - The New York Times

Americans are frustrated with the lack of leadership in the White House. Barack Obama is unwilling to fully commit US forces in Syria, and his deal with the Iranians shows weakness to our enemies. This country's citizens want a strong, determined president - someone who is not afraid to use force, even if it ends up getting us all into a war with a nuclear-armed power for no real reason we can articulate.

By favoring diplomacy, the president has pursued a dangerously soft policy that invites aggression instead of a tough, no-nonsense policy of actually committing aggression first. No one in this country wants that. What we really want is to elect the kind of courageous political leader who's willing to stand up to our enemies and possibly cause us all to be engulfed in a radioactive inferno.

Do you want a commander in chief who apologizes for this country? Do you want a leader who tries to make deals with our foes? Do you want someone afraid to get entangled in an open-ended war in the Middle East just because we don't have clear allies, a compelling national interest, a plan, or an exit strategy? Of course you don't. You wouldn't be a real American if you thought like that.

That's why I am glad that in early 2017, the long national nightmare of peaceful negotiation will be over, and we'll have a chance to put someone in power who will be proud to defend freedom, no matter what the cost, even if it gets us all killed over territory very few people in the entire nation could find on a map and a political struggle none of us understand. Barack Obama needs to go so we can get back to being the kind of country we're capable of being.

Assuming it's okay with Israel and the Saudis.


  1. I sense you're in the same hyper-irritated space I'm in these days. The idiocy, it burns....it burns!

    1. Oh God, you're right. Don't you feel like we're dealing with the same crap over and over?

  2. Yes! My entire family is ultra-conservative, so I've been dealing with this b.s. for years. Now it's like I'm in a waking nightmare where all of them are in positions of power. Ugh.


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