Thursday, October 29, 2015

Donald Trump Is A Comic Book Candidate. Specifically, He's Lex Luthor.

Last night Donald Trump complained the debate moderator called him a comic book character. Let me rephrase that: Last night Donald Trump - who is a bald, megalomaniacal, billionaire - complained the debate moderator called him a comic book character.

Of course, Donald Trump is a supervillain. He's Lex Luthor. He has no respect for the laws of God and man. And the people who support him do so because of all the evil, twisted things he does and says. They actually want a supervillain as president. No one can complain that the TV guy pointed it out.

In the first Superman movie, Luthor plots to destroy the West Coast as part of a real estate scam to make his investments beachfront property. Does this, or does this not, sound like exactly the kind of thing Donald Trump would do?

Luthor stomps around telling everyone how smart and capable he is - it's ridiculous, but it's why you like the guy. His outside narcissism is entertaining, because you can't believe it's possible. No one, we think, no one could worship himself that much. We used to think so anyway.

There are only two differences here:

First, the Republican party doesn't actually have a hero who can fight him. Certainly no one dedicated to truth, justice and the American way.

And second, I don't remember Lex Luthor being quite so racist.

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  1. I think you might be on to something! But I can think of a third difference. Lex Luthor is a genius. Donald Trump is just a rich kid who has done about as well as a mediocre investor.

  2. Also, Lex Luthor is secure enough to admit that he is bald. And since we're doing Superman 2016 campaign mashups, there was an article about a month ago where some desperate, sweating putz of a right wing journalist was imploring Mitt Romney to enter the campaign. It reminded me of the scene in Superman 2 where the President is reading his capitulation to General Zod on television and breaks out of the script to cry "Superman, why won't you help us!". Especially fitting because at the time Superman, like Mitt Romney had lost all his power.

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