Thursday, October 8, 2015

Even Republicans Can't Work With Republicans

The chaos in the House Leadership just proves something the rest of us learned awhile ago.

You can't work with Republicans. Even Republicans know this now.

Their only job is to keep someone in the Number 3 slot in government, and that person's only job is to disagree with whatever Barack Obama says, and eventually disagree with whatever the next president says, because that president will also be a Democrat.

You had one job, guys.

No one expects you to govern. No one expects you to make policy. No one expects you to vote for laws. No one even really expects you to keep yourself from shutting down the entire government in a tantrum. Hell, I'm a little surprised the pope came to speak to you and you actually sat and listened to him instead of jumping up and accusing him of being the Antichrist.

Our expectations of the GOP get lower and lower every year, and somehow you people manage to limbo under that mother.

Part of why the GOP can't do anything is that it no longer functions like an actual party. The conservatives have excommunicated the establishment, and the racist Trump supporters have excommunicated the conservatives. Eventually Trump's going to drop out, and the conservatives will excommunicate the Trump supporters, along with Trump himself. Trump of course, can't do any good thing for any other human being on the planet. Which is why he's winning their primary right now.

If you are a Republican you think all the other Republicans aren't Republican enough. And working with Democrats is out of the question.

None of them really wants to do this government thing. Government is evil after all. What they need - all of them; every one - is really just a nice comfy shack out in the woods where they can each work on their own 2,000 page manifesto.

Let's do what we can to make that happen.

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  1. It is kind of surprising we didn't see that, "You lie, antipope!"


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