Tuesday, October 6, 2015

"Frankly Curious" Has Been Writing Some Great Posts About Global Warming

Awhile back I spotlighted the blog "Frankly Curious," whose writer is a climate change scientist. Frank Moraes has been busy on the subject of global warming lately, and you should check out the result.

His most recent post is about India's plan to cut its emissions:

First it was China. And this last week, India Unveils Climate Change Plan. So now the first and third biggest greenhouse gas polluters have come out with plans to cut their emissions. In case you were wondering, we are now number two. But when it comes to per capita greenhouse emissions, we are still number one!

As you can expect people in the GOP have been using pollution by India and China as an excuse to do nothing. But that excuse is thinning.

Moraes also wrote a post about how Exxon's own scientists uncovered evidence of climate change years ago, but the company has pushed back against this in a way that's reminiscent of the tobacco industry. He has a pile of great links in these pieces, and his personal experience with this stuff is disturbing and fascinating.

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