Monday, November 30, 2015

Republicans Can Beat Donald Trump If They Just Admit Their Entire Philosophy Is Wrong Already

The pollster John Zogby has an excellent article in Forbes about how Republicans can easily prevent Donald Trump from destroying their party if they coordinate their efforts.Trump, he argues, does not have anything close to a majority. Sixty-nine percent of likely voters in the primaries reject him, but they're divided among a large field of candidates. If candidates started leaving those who remained would get increased support, and suddenly Trump wouldn't be the frontrunner.

Coordination. That's what's needed. Weird, huh?

The ones who don't stand a chance, or who are obviously unqualified, should put the needs of their party and their country ahead of their own immediate ambitions. Because if they don't they'll help produce a catastrophic result, and they probably won't get the top job anyway. Nothing good will happen. Nothing.

See how that works? Theoretically when we all selfishly compete the result is that everyone benefits. But that doesn't always happen. Sometimes when people compete against each other without little or no restrictions the winner takes everything and poisons the system for everybody else. Like now, for example, when a dozen squabbling hacks fighting over 69 percent of the vote allow an ignorant racist to dominate media coverage and win primaries even though he's not the majority's choice. And then he'll either self-immolate on live TV or produce the most racist and incompetent administration in modern history, and Republicans will be trying to scrub off the legacy for decades.

Some fat, hideous rich man figures out how to rig the game, and it makes life miserable for everyone around him. Yeah, that's what unrestricted competition looks like sometimes. And Republicans might have to live with it. Because the only way to stop it would be to admit that maybe you have to regulate that competition occasionally. But admitting that means you stop being a Republican. The rest of us admitted all this a long time ago.

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  1. It's deliciously ironic that Trump is using the Conservative Shuffle against the Conservatives - preaching without substance, he's rising without merit and screwing the field out of every penny they'd planned to steal... while stating he's paying out of pocket.

    It's strangely beautiful, in a way.


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