Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Trump Campaign Is A Sophisticated Tracking System For Dangerous Racists

As you know Donald Trump wants to close mosques and force Muslim citizens to register with a creepy, Nazi-style tracking system. And as you also know - as we're all discovering here in America - Donald Trump can say or do any sick, fascist thing that pops into his mind, and his numbers will only improve. He has a solid chance to win the nomination, and people are beginning to admit the guy really might be president.

The reason is clear: There are many stupid and dangerous racists in America.

We knew that already. It's just been awhile since they've had a national candidate who's been this willing to openly pander to them.

So we need to beat the son of a bitch. That ought to be a given for anyone who loves this country. Make America great again... by crushing Donald Trump and seeing him driven before us, so we can hear the lamentation of his trophy wives. He needs to lose in such a way that he doesn't come back from this. Democrats, stop gloating about him as a spoiler, because he might not actually spoil anything but the whole damn country. Republicans, face up to the problems that allowed this variety of orange crud to develop on the belly-side of your party.

Now then, assuming people of goodwill stomp him, Donald Trump will leave us something useful. He'll leave behind a tracking system - kind of like he promised - of some of the most dangerous citizens in the nation. We will have a record of the names and locations of the bigoted and ignorant jackasses who would support a guy like Donald Trump. And we will need to keep tabs on those bastards for the rest of their lives.

Why is America hated around the world? Why do we have racial strife? Why does our political system founder and our infrastructure crumble? I think it's because we have these gilled monstrosities walking amongst us, and because they vote. But now we have hashtags and Facebook posts to flag them. All we need to do as a people is remember what the hell happened here, how close we came to the brink, and which of us wanted to give the whole system a shove just to see what happened.

Frankly, I want to swap them out for Syrian refugees. Did you know Steve Jobs had a dad who was a Syrian immigrant? Man, I could sure use some decent, motivated, non-racist people just looking for a better life in place of the horde of paranoid, angry white folks launching wars and guzzling corn syrup we've got right now. Donald Trump objected when a debate moderator called him a comic book candidate, but people are supporting him because a comic book candidate is what they want. They have a comic book view of this country - violent, two-dimensional, and utterly childlike.

They want this country to do bad things. And after we're done here, we shouldn't take them seriously ever again. They're the undesirables. Obviously we can't just eject them or put them in prison cities. And I'm not calling for the government to crack down - we can't stoop to Donald Trump's level. But individually, let's all take note.

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  1. I agree with you completely, but most especially about liberals being happy that Trump might get the nomination. I remember that there were a lot of liberals who were happy when Reagan got the nomination because of course the nation wouldn't elect a freak like that. Don't bet your nation on what freaks Americans will vote for.

    Speaking of immigrants: A Summer Rain. Excellent short film that I think is true of almost all immigrants. "English is a very hard language. It's such a hard language that even Americans can't speak it that well."

  2. We thought the same when you guys elected George W.Bush- after the clusterfuck that was the original Bush administration, we all thought it would be the last of that family!

    1. Yeah, right? And definitely you would think that a guy like Dick FUCKING Cheney wouldn't be able to get regular gigs at the Wall Street Journal talking about IRAQ POLICY.

      I argued with someone about it, and they said he had experience on the subject. And I said "He has foreign policy experience the same way Mark David Chapman has experience as a music critic."


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