Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Operation American Freedom

4 July, 2025

Secretary General, Security Council Principals

Gen. Charles Olav Sherman
Supreme Allied Commander
EU/UN Northwest Expeditionary Force

As you know I gave final orders to launch Operation American Freedom six hours ago. Task Forces Gold, Juno, and Sword have made contact with the enemy and are moving forward under moderate fire to establish beachheads. By nightfall we will establish our headquarters near the ruins of One World Trade Center, which was preemptively destroyed by Trump loyalist militias in a controlled demolition.

I have no doubt that we will vanquish the opposition quickly and dominate the battlespace within days. The enemy has had no navy, no air power, no armor, and limited materiel since BRIC nations repossessed the American Defense Department in the 2019 Crisis. The vaunted Trump Republican Guard is not a disciplined fighting force. They're an angry, ignorant collection of old, flabby men filled with action movie fantasies who have been manipulated by the Trump family for a decade. They will die from heart attacks and exposure as soon as we cut off their power and force them to actually experience the hardship of real war. As for the ruling family themselves, I have no idea whether Donald Trump is still alive or whether Her Extra-Classy Royal Highness Ivanka is the actual head of government. It doesn't matter. Once we force the dead-enders to spend some time in the woods their will should collapse completely. America will not mourn them, and we should be prepared for vicious acts of reprisal against Trump supporters in the coming year.

I also believe without reservation in the justice of our cause. The Trump regime has committed acts of aggression against its neighbors, committed human rights violations against its ethnic and religious minorities, and it has ignored or defied seven United Nations resolutions to disarm and dismantle its remaining weapons of mass destruction. America under the Trumps - and even before this leadership - has refused to abide by international norms regarding torture, chemical weapons, espionage and surveillance, and crimes against humanity. They have long believed they are simply not answerable to the global community. We can not allow the world's worst people to have the world's most dangerous devices. An America which is safe, free, and at peace with its neighbors is a noble goal.

As you know, although a Norwegian citizen, I am an emigrant from that land. I am descended from one of their most famous generals, who fought in the first Civil War. I know the country well. I have to tell you that although the short-term fight to subdue a bankrupt and morally exhausted people will be relatively easy... the way ahead will be as challenging as anything we've ever attempted. Nation-building in America might be an impossible task.

The population, once the most well-educated in the world, has turned into a collection of strident religious factions, each one more superstitious and ignorant than the others. They've neglected public education and many of them reject scientific concepts outright. Their infrastructure has been crumbling for decades, because a large number of them reject even the most rudimentary notions of good government in favor of some kind of bizarre mix of theocracy and libertarianism. International corporations have polluted the land and water supply, stripped the country of wealth, and left behind a patchwork of wrecked cities pock-marked by ruined and empty factories. They worship power, but they don't believe in citizenship or public investment of any kind.

Above all, Americans lack even a basic level of mutual trust and respect. They've whipped themselves into a frenzy of paranoia toward immigrants and minority groups of all kinds. They bring handguns into every store, church, and movie theater, and mass shootings are common. They are openly bigoted toward each other in a way that would shock people in the civilized world.

America is simply not a nation. It is a collection of violent factions. We've seen this before, of course. Making such a country governable is always difficult. I am reminded of my ancestor's words to the mayor of Atlanta, which is right now being seized by the Canadian 5th Special Forces Group:

You might as well appeal against the thunder-storm as against these terrible hardships of war. They are inevitable, and the only way the people of Atlanta can hope once more to live in peace and quiet at home, is to stop the war, which can only be done by admitting that it began in error and is perpetuated in pride.

This calamity was indeed inevitable, gentlemen. It will break the spirit of the Atlantans and Americans in general. One can only hope they have the good sense to replace their grievous errors and their stubborn pride with something more reasonable. Can they though? Can the people of America function as a literate, responsible democratic system and take their place in the world community?

I don't know. Honestly, I don't. I do know that the struggle against the darkness is always worthwhile. Whether we win or lose in the days ahead, it is enough to know we are right to fight the evil that Donald Trump and his family represent.


  1. I stand in awe. Paragraphs 5-7 are a perfect description of USA 2015, yet you re-frame things in a terrifying way.

    So are you now going to back to the beginning of the Trump presidency and work to this point?

    1. Thanks so much. I don't want to fill in every detail, but I will come back to this world. I kind of have to.

  2. Sort of "Revolt in 2100" only with less Mormons and waaaaay more YOOUGE!

    1. Correction: "If This Goes On..." Revolt in 2100 was the title of the collection...

    2. Yeah, I keep telling myself it can't go on like this. Right? RIGHT?

  3. Perhaps this Trump mashup will cheer you up:

  4. "We should also stop American immigrants and refugees from entering Norway. (You know, just to be sure). A national database of current American-born citizens wouldn't hurt either."


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