Thursday, January 28, 2016

White People Are Upset About The Least Offensive Government Agencies

FEMA. The CDC. The United Nations. The EPA. The Bureau of Goddamn Land Management.

These are the agencies that rightwing white people are bitching about. These are where the waves of brown-shirted thugs are coming from. A bureaucrat from one of them is - any minute now - going to turn into the next Hitler and Kristallnacht your loud-mouth uncle for pouring motor oil into his backyard.

It is ridiculous - no, it's pathetic - what white Christian people in America call tyranny.

Muslims all over the world are worried about getting shoved into blacked-out vans, waterboarded, detained illegally for years on some island hellhole or a CIA black site we don't admit even exists, or having men kick in their door and shoot their whole family, or getting blown to bits by flying robots like they're victims in one of the Terminator movies. Some of these people are even citizens of our own country, and that does not matter, because the Constitution doesn't apply to them. Hell, the Republicans are talking about tracking them like cattle.

But the nation's medical agency wants to count the number of gun deaths or expand health coverage to poor people? Oh My Lord THIS IS JUST WHAT REVELATION WARNED US ABOUT!

The snowflake army's worried FEMA is going to put them into prison camps. They're worried about Agenda-21 -- a freakin' nonbinding environmental program from the United Nations, which has a proven track record of not being able to enforce its will anywhere in the entire world for its whole history.

Only white people could bitch about the UN.

If you're a person of color, your history involves actual wrongful imprisonment. The real kind, with real jails and everything. (Not to mention plantations. Remember those?) Actual abuse of power. People with guns have always been able to lock you up on false charges or outright kill you and get away with it. The head of the FBI - the chief law enforcement agency in the country - blackmailed the most prominent African American leader during the Civil Rights era. And the bastard just got away with it, and it became part of our history. The federal government locked up Japanese-Americans during WWII, because we felt like it. And we still put young black men into the prison system at a rate that would horrify and enrage white people if it happened to them.

Can you imagine black cops killing a white man on the street, and then having an all-black jury acquitting them? Can you imagine if it happened multiple times over the course of a year? Bill O'Reilly would be doing his best Scanners imitation on Fox. We would never ever hear the end of it in this country.

No. White people gripe about Obamacare and the UN, because they just don't understand anything about their history. They don't know what oppression looks like. They're spoiled rotten, and Trump is their temper tantrum.

Grow the fuck up, nilla.

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  1. Nilla. I love it. What is up my Nillas?

  2. Nilla. I love it. What is up my Nillas?

    1. Thanks man. Can't claim ownership though, just FYI:

  3. "Only white people could bitch about the UN."

    Not exactly.

    "The UN mission in the Central African Republic (CAR) has launched an investigation into allegations its soldiers raped a 12-year-old girl."

    1. Good point. On the other hand, we all know how concerned white conservative Americans are about human rights in the Third World.


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