Thursday, February 18, 2016

I Am Podcasting As "The Godless Liberal Traitor"

I'm recording my rants so that future generations can actually hear me read all this leftist insanity. The show is called "The Godless Liberal Traitor," and it's on Scatter Radio.

My latest is the rant on the injustice of Ted Nugent somehow not being in a FEMA camp. So... if you were ever curious about how I sound when I'm talking to myself as I do my 5 am Fitbit powerwalk and come up with the day's ideas... This is it.

(I'm serious about the powerwalk and the talking to myself. That's totally how it happens. I wear a big puffy coat, and I look insane, and I get angry, the ideas come out, and then I start giggling like the fucking Joker. All part of the process.)

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