Monday, February 15, 2016

I'm Not Going To Say Anything Bad About Antonin Scalia

When I heard Justice Scalia had died I thought about writing something mean-spirited about him, but I decided against it. When a person passes away you should be decent. You owe people a certain basic civility, right? All people - even people you disagree with, or don't understand - deserve a minimal level of respect from you.

For example if Antonin Scalia wanted to marry someone I didn't approve of, I wouldn't prevent him from doing that, right? Also, even though I might not like the people he supported in any given election, I'd never strip Antonin Scalia's voting rights away. I just wouldn't. It's common courtesy, folks. It's exactly why I'm not going to speak ill of him now. Common courtesy.

And I wouldn't try - I'm just speaking hypothetically here - to limit the rights that Antonin Scalia had over his own body. I wouldn't deny him access to healthcare or anything like that, just because we have different religious beliefs. See? Not saying anything nasty is all part of the package. It's that basic, minimal, absolutely bare-bones respect you have to have for other people.

That's why I'm holding my peace here. It's why I wouldn't let anyone discriminate against Antonin Scalia or treat him like a second class citizen. And I wouldn't try to ruin his life just because he's different than I am. No. Sorry.

You'd have to be a real monkey's hemorrhoid to do something like that.

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  1. It did occur to me that the only person the Republicans would allow to replace Scalia on the Supreme Court would be... Scalia. I think it would make a great movie, A Zombie on the Court. And I think you're the one to write it. Zombie Scalia would say things like, "Must eat brains... and allow the teaching of creationism in science classes..."

  2. When I was a child, my parents taught me to only say good of the dead.

    Antonin Scalia is dead.



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