Monday, February 8, 2016

Privilegefest '16 - The Oregon Standoff

"You are going to get to surrender without being hung out of hand as has been the traditional fate of traitors in arms. You will get an expensive and public trial in which you are very likely to be given a ridiculously vast amount of privilege to spout your idiotic, treasonous nonsense and justify your greedy and selfish seizure of our public patrimony. And, even if you are convicted of the crimes you have so self-evidently committed, you will have careful and relatively benign jailers who will ensure that you are released unharmed to resume your deluded and delusional defiance of both republican government and common sense which I know you will because...well, you're you and can no more stop being you than a howler monkey can stop flinging its poop.

In short, you are some seriously lucky sonsofbitches and you need to accept that and go quietly to the lawmen and surrender."

Read the rest at Graphic Firing Table here. This was a couple weeks ago, but I just found it this morning, and it's still solid. The blog is quirky and fun. But my favorite parts are when the writer gets in one of those "I'm not going to take anymore of this bullshit" moods. Check it out.

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