Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Relief Of Not Believing In Hell

Alice over at Whatsoever Is Lovely writes about how she became a nonbeliever, and she recently posted about what a relief it is to come across nice and decent gay people and not have to wrestle with the question of whether or not they will be tortured for all eternity in the most hideous fashion for the glory of a perfect and loving God.

Turns out, not having to wrap your head around that nonsense is pretty sweet.

I'm a nonbeliever who has a real appreciation for progressive Christianity. But hell is a stupid idea. Universal reconciliation or get the fuck out. (Or you can try my brand of cynical agnosticism. I totes recommend.)

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  1. I'm an atheist, but I find most atheists kind of boring when discussing religious matters. I'm very fond of mystics, hippy Christians, and so on. There's a lot to like and think about when talking to them.

    There is something incredibly selfish about the way a lot of (generally conservative) Christians look at their religion. How exactly is eternity going to be one long orgasm when there are so many others in torment because they believed the wrong thing? On W/ Bob & Dave, there was a segment about a little boy who wrote a book about going to heaven. And in it, he hangs out with Hitler and John Wayne Gacy. I like that -- it's a universalist message, which, bizarre as it seems, at least makes sense.

    Speaking of John Wayne Gacy, have you noticed if you do a Google search for him, in the box on the right, it lists him not as a serial killer but as "clown"?!

  2. As a Christian I have always thought it weird that so many of my breathern think such a silly thing about God. But then they limit Him in so many ways anyway.

    1. That is IT. It's a limitation. The only judgement I could have respect for would be one where you experienced - for good and for ill - how you affected everyone in your life so that you could know the absolute WASTE that is at the heart of evil. And obviously any Creator worth His/Her salt would handle this much better than I could. Instead, we have junior high-level theology.

    2. I love when people say things like "God can't allow injustice to be unpunished." Because, isn't "God can't" an oxymoron?

    3. CS Lewis had a whole thing in Mere Christianity trying to explain it, and I was all like, "Nah, man. Stop."


    4. Hey Paul,

      I'm beyond flattered that you mentioned my little blog here:) I read Trump Tales of Terror last week and now am starting the Black Book of Children's Bible Stories . The only thing is finding the time, the Black Book is not an easy read, but that's a good thing. Since I figured out I could get my amazon kindle on my phone (duh), it opens up a whole new world of possibilities for me.


      "Limit" is a great word and exactly what I tried to explain to my conditional immortality embracing friends. If God is GOD, then all will be saved.


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