Friday, March 11, 2016

Dear Trump Voters

 I've been memeing, and I thought you should see. I've been noodling on a possible series of essays, and for reasons that will be clear to you later I imagined the guys at Normandy wondering whether they should have stayed on the boats.

We're about to elect a man who promises to commit war crimes and to track religious minorities like cattle. And the scary thing is, he's not far out of the mainstream. No.

Why exactly should we have bothered with this democratic experiment if the Cheez Whiz Army is just going to burn it down in the end?

TRUMP TALES OF TERROR is about ugly creatures, murderous fantasies, and apocalyptic worlds – and they’re right in America. YOU CAN BUY IT HERE.


  1. I was thinking about how much Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin liked each other, and I had a horrible thought. For decades we've been telling horror stories about what might happen if the U.S. and Russia were to go to war. But what if the reality is so much worse? What if Russia and America become friends...and team up against everyone else? Trump and Putin, with almost no one to stop them.

    1. Goddamnit, now you've got me even more worried.

    2. Yeah I know. The U.S. is currently pressuring my country to have American B-1 bombers stationed in our nation. (Australia is much closer to China, see)If the absolute worst-case scenario unfolds we're going to become the first stepping stone in a giant game of Rysk.

    3. Considering we are a lot closer to China in trade terms too, this doesn't fill me with confidence about our long term future. Are we destined to be ground between the great powers, Anon?

    4. I hope not, although it does give us some leverage.


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