Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Did You Hear Obama Skipped Nancy Reagan's Funeral? And That Republicans Are Lying Jackasses?

I bet you have heard or read how horrifying it is that our president, the Kenyan interloper and secret Muslim Barack Hussein Osama Bin Jesustears has skipped the funeral of Nancy Reagan. Yes, well...

Let's go back through every first lady's funeral in the last 30 years, okay?

Here's an article about Betty Ford's funeral in 2011. Michelle Obama attended that one, but it looks like Obama skipped it too! George W. Bush at least had the class to show up. I bet during his administration things were different.

Oh, wait. They weren't. Here's a photo of Laura Bush, sitting alone, at Lady Bird Johnson's funeral in 2007. Note the ex-presidents in the shot.

And here's an article about Pat Nixon's funeral in 1993. It lists the dignitaries in attendance as: "former Presidents Gerald R. Ford and Ronald Reagan."

And here's an article about Bess Truman's funeral in 1982. Nancy Reagan attended with other former first ladies, but there's no mention of sitting or former presidents being there.

It's almost as if there is a pattern here. A former first lady dies and other first ladies, and sometimes former presidents, attend the funeral. But the current guy in the Oval generally stays home and minds the shop. The Atlantic has more information on the subject. It describes Eleanor Roosevelt's funeral, which the sitting president attended, but notes that she was the exception (Also, Bill Clinton attended Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis's funeral in 1994). The Atlantic article says:

The vast majority of first ladies were dispatched with little more than prayers and flowers in small towns across the country. When Martha Washington died, the Washington Federalist wrote, "The silence of respectful grief is our best eulogy." Mary Todd Lincoln was the rare first lady whose passing was marked by flags flying officially at half-mast.

Yeah, but didn't Barack Obama also snub Justice Scalia's family when he skipped that funeral? No, actually. He didn't. And people who say otherwise are lying.

There's another pattern you've probably noticed. It has to do with conservatives and their relationship to:

A) The black guy in that big white building they don't control anymore, and
B) Facts.

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