Thursday, September 8, 2016

Frankly Curious Reviewed My Collection Of Short Stories

Frank Moraes liked my collection of stories, and that makes me happy. The review is not just about STATE OF FEAR, the new offering, but about my other work and my bizarre and maddening habit of switching up genres. He has solid insight into what I'm about.

Here's a quote:

Bibeau is not a writer to jump out at you and yell, “Boo!” His approach is to inject you with a slow-acting neurotoxin until you’re afraid to move. He combines the Victorian ghost story’s precision with a postmodern sensibility.

Please read the rest of the review at Frankly Curious here. His blog and mine have a mutual admiration society. Here's his latest work about the nature of the universe itself and why there is something rather than nothing.

And if you feel like buying the book itself, that would make me happy as well.


  1. While I'd love to make you happy, I'm pretty sure I couldn't possibly read more horror about Trump without making something in my brain go "kablooie"!(Edit - btw, the images I am to 'select from' to prove I'm not a robot? It doesn't let me see WHAT I am to select.)

    1. If it helps, this is non-Trump horror.
      But it is Republican horror... So, there's that. That's probably the deal-breaker.

      I know you're not a robot. Shouldn't that be enough?

  2. LOL, I know you know -- the issue is convincing a recaptur thingie I cannot respond to correctly! And on the phone? Oh, forget about THAT!


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