Thursday, September 29, 2016

Hillary Leads With Women, Latinos, And College Grads, But Trump's Still Popular With The Kind Of People Who Can Go Fuck Themselves

After a tough couple of weeks, Hillary Clinton's poll numbers seem to be rebounding. She maintains an electoral college advantage with a solid hold over much of the so-called Obama coalition - including women, college graduates, and Latinos. But Trump's still within a couple of points nationally, and he has several routes to victory, based on his popularity with the kind of people who can go fuck themselves.

Clinton voters are a diverse bunch, and they're spread out over key battleground states. Many of them are traditional Democratic voters, like African Americans, but she's beginning to attract college-educated white men, who used to skew Republican, as well as other people can read, follow the news, and aren't the kind of braying racist mouth-breathers who ought to be doing something useful like falling into the nearest wood chipper they can find.

Even though she's got a lead in the scramble to get to 270, Clinton has political weaknesses. She seems to have secured important states like Pennsylvania and Virginia, and maybe even Florida. But this is going to be a tight race, because Trump has guaranteed wins in states like Kansas and Nebraska, which could really be flattened by a goddamned meteor with no loss to the American culture whatsoever, and parts of the deep South like Mississippi and Alabama that cry out for a decade of Yankee military occupation, just to get them ready to join the 20th century, and because it would be fun to watch.

It's going to be a hard race. Hillary has people backing her who think Nazism is wrong and evolution is real. But these are controversial beliefs in America. Oh yes.

And of course there are third party voters out there who believe the difference between the two candidates is negligible, and those people can go fuck themselves as well. Really. They're exactly the kind of people who really should honestly go and fuck themselves. They're so stupid they barely escape injury every time they leave the house.

Nothing is set. This is a land of opinionated independent-minded people, many of them completely untroubled by popular opinion, or common sense, or even basic decency. And they can vote. They can all vote. Every. Single. Stinking. Crap-skulled. One of them.

Holy shit.

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