Friday, October 7, 2016

Confronting #Trump Voters With Existential Horror

People support Donald Trump by lying to themselves. They ignore or disparage the polls that show their leader losing. They pretend to see good qualities in him that aren't there, and they make themselves blind to flaws which are obvious and disgusting. They live in a fantasy world.
Partly this is the fault of the Republican nominee, who is constantly lying to them. But it's also the fault of the Republican Party they themselves made, which is a conspiracy of millions to ignore the uglier facts of life in the 21st Century: racism, environmental decay, gun violence... and the political and economic breakdown we're witnessing all around us.
These people are beyond statistics, beyond arguments, beyond facts. You won't reach them with appeals to reason. You must strike them a vision of what Camus called the Absurd, which waits for us all on every street corner. You must remind them of the existential horror that is our lot.
The only way any of them will come back to the light is by facing the cold fear we all face, which has the power - on any given day - to destroy us or to restore us to our senses.
Is it worth it? Is truth, or even the pathetic attempt at truth, worth it, when it comes at such a price?
The only response is that the attempt at truth is what we do. It's what makes us people.
Does the universe, with all its stupid russet-colored cruelty, care? No. But what of it?
We care. Telling Trump supporters that they live in a universe of bewildering pain in which honesty is the only possible redemption, however provisional, is our work. It's the only chance we have to salvage dignity from this.

Try it today.

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  1. Remember your article "You Already Know The Future Of Ted Cruz"? Where you implied the reason Ted Cruz would never be president was that he was TOO horrible, rather than not horrible enough? Those were happier times.


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