Thursday, October 27, 2016

The GOP Wants Voting For Women To Be Safe, Legal, And Rare

Nobody has more respect for women than the Republican Party does.

Our nominee has come under some unfair attacks this election. The most recent story was about one of his campaign staffers who bragged that they had a voter suppression program targeting women and other groups. We wanted to set the record straight.

Voting is one of the hardest choices for a woman to make. The "right" for women to vote is, of course, controversial within the GOP. But our nominee is a moderate on social issues. He's fighting for a commonsense compromise policy to make voting safe, legal, and rare.

No one wants to punish a woman at one of the hardest times in her life, when she goes into her polling place and makes a decision with bewildering consequences. Donald Trump sees a world where female voting happens, of course, but only as a last resort - only after all options have been exhausted. Surely as a society we can come together to help women so they don't get into a position where they need to vote. Our nominee would very much like to make that a reality.

Many of us in the GOP feel strongly that the choice to vote affects two lives, not just one. We care about the woman, of course, but what about the innocent candidates? Isn't the life of a cute, helpless 70 year-old business executive worth fighting for as well?

Donald Trump believes that all lives matter. And he's determined to win this election with the support of some of you out there.

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