Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Trump Campaign Is Your Classic, Heartwarming Underdog Story About A Bigoted Sex Offender

Americans always root for the little guy. They like oddballs, outsiders, and people who challenge the system. So they see a man like Donald Trump taking on one of the most powerful politicians in the country, and they naturally get interested in that bigoted sexual predator.

Hillary Clinton is the classic antagonist in a story like this. She's cold, forceful, and well-known for her shady connections to big business. Trump comes after her with his outspoken criticism and his kooky, rag-tag supporters - many of whom are actual Nazi sympathizers - and people take notice.

Part of the thrill of following Trump's campaign is that it was always a long shot. No one ever predicted he could beat more than a dozen skilled and disciplined GOP primary candidates, especially since they weren't calling for putting Muslims into a tracking system, rounding up immigrants, and forcing US soldiers to commit war crimes. People were charmed by how off the wall and amateurish it was. When he won those races it was thrilling. Now he's facing a much tougher opponent, he's trailing int he polls, and no one thinks he can win now that we know he brags about sexually assaulting women and getting away with it, and a dozen victims have come forward to confirm the charges. What's going to happen? We have no idea, and that's what's so exciting!

Trump's story is a kind of Bad News Bears narrative, only with accusations of fraud and abuse, and a lot of people who say the holocaust never happened. Donald Trump can't control himself, sure, and that's a real weakness. But it's also why people are drawn to him. He's the lovable drunk who manages to make it to the big game, assuming the "game" involves controlling the FBI and America's nuclear arsenal.

Will he win? Will he lose? Will he lock up millions of people and start a war on the Korean peninsula? No one can guess with that crazy character!

No one can guess.

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