Friday, October 28, 2016

"We Found Something, But Maybe It's Nothing," By FBI Director Comey

Guys: We found something. We think it might be something. That's a possibility, anyway. We've narrowed it down, and it's either something or nothing.

We found it while looking for something else, and that something else is probably not related. Unless we investigate this thing we found and find out there's something that connects the two things. We haven't found anything that makes us think we're going to find that thing, but we didn't think we'd find the other thing in the first place. The second thing, not the first. The thing that we weren't looking for. The thing we're talking about now, right?

Maybe it's nothing. That's a real possibility as well. It totally might be nothing.

Of course the fact that we found what might be something is in the news, and now that's a thing in itself. In fact that's the only thing you're hearing about, because we can't tell you any more than we've already told you. Which is - we have to emphasize this - possibly nothing at all.

Maybe we should have thought this through. OK, our bad. We'll get back to work now.

Sorry if any of you shit yourselves.

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