Wednesday, October 26, 2016

We Have To Get Daycare For This Militia

Gentlemen, I don't have to tell you we're in a grave crisis. Hillary Clinton and George Soros are two weeks away from locking down this election with oversampled polls, a compliant media, and rigged voting machines. They're going to act quickly to put a globalist regime in place, which means we have to launch Operation Artichoke within days. And that brings us to daycare.

Hoplite's twins aren't even three yet, and his wife made manager at her job - congrats, buddy. Anyway all the childcare falls on him, and that's why he's been bringing Porter and Parker to weapons and tactics on weekday mornings. I know there's been some grumbling about them - maybe from people who have daughters, so they don't understand the mischief boys can...

I'm not blaming you, Cyclops. I'm not the enemy here - the international banking cartels and their gun grabbing army are the ones you've got to fight. I'm just saying that Stacy was always mature for her age, and she liked her coloring books, and... Look, we loved having her, but boys are different. Don't blame Hoplite. He was trying to make the best of a bad situation. We're sorry they got apple juice on your manifesto. I know you don't like computers because of the NSA. But maybe get a couple of hard copies next time, and stash one away. You don't need to carry all your documents with you.

We're getting off track though. Let me bottom line it. We have to get some kind of group babysitting arrangement in place, and we should do it before we start making anti-FEMA drills around the chokepoints of the city. I'm passing out a rotation - each one of us takes three days at a time watching Stacy, the twins, as well as Ghost Warrior's daughter, Haley. Whenever Paladin has custody, we're going to watch them as well. This allows us to keep this solid block of time, before we all go back to work on our resumes and get dinner ready.

I know it's not fair, okay? I know not all of us have young children. My kids are in high school, so I don't even see them that often. But we don't leave a man behind in this unit. We cover each other's flanks. Damnit, when I had to take Braden to regional soccer Cyclops was the one running the training sessions for me - and that was during Jade Helm! We do what we have to do. The priority is to keep this schedule alive. I know you're tempted to start meeting at night when our wives come back from work, but you know all the chores are going to get in the way. Our attendance will get spotty, and then we'll cut down on the meetings... and pretty soon we'll be like those slackers over at 3P Citizen's Watch. They meet once every other week, and most of the time people cancel just so they can sit at home playing XBox and crap like that. When the balloon goes up we are not going to be able to count on them, guys.

We need to stay focused, hard, and battle-ready. And that means making this daycare happen. Agreed? Good.

By the way, thanks for the scones, Guardian. They're delicious.

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