Thursday, November 3, 2016

"I Just Have To Keep Acting Presidential Until After The Election," By Donald Trump

Just a few more days, man.

Just. A few. More days.

You got this, buddy. All you need to do is keep acting calm and collected and presidential until after this election's over. Then you can unchain the beast.

God, it's going to be delicious. So many people are walking around, flapping their gums on TV, and attacking you on the internet. So many people criticizing you, and you can't just throw a pack of lawyers and security people at them like in the old days. The optics are bad.

Christ, optics. You're talking like one of them now. Kellyanne did this. You can't let her tell you what to do all the time. She smiles, and she gives you notes in that chirpy little voice, and you can't yell at her. She criticizes you.

But it's ok. It's nothing. In less than a week, if you keep this up... you'll be able to send a SEAL team after people you don't like. You'll be able to make people you don't like disappear. With a phone call. Isn't that worth a little crap-eating? Isn't it? Making nice with the female reporters and taking them seriously? Keep it up. Just a little longer.

And then you'll be able to do anything you like. Anything. To anyone.

Kellyanne doesn't know it, but she'll be the first to go. Because you had to listen.

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