Monday, December 19, 2016

I Don't Understand Why White People Would Burn Down Their Own Neighborhoods Like That

I don't have a problem with white people. I have friends who are white - a lot of them. They're even in my family. This isn't about race. It's about common sense. So whether it's politically correct or not we have to admit the truth: When white people get together and destroy their own neighborhoods - the way they did several weeks ago in early November - they're only hurting themselves.

We've seen this kind of behavior before. They get mad, they lash out, and they don't think about the consequences. And sure we're sad about the decent, law-abiding people who have to live in those communities. But too often we look for excuses; we say white people are suffering from globalism, or from economic decline, or that they're trapped in a cycle of ignorance and poverty - watching Hannity and Alex Jones all day, and listening to their terrible music.

We say they can't help themselves. And that's the real racism, okay?

Are white people angry about their situation in America? Sure. Do I sympathize? Of course, I do. But what they did to their own community will make it harder for it to become the kind of livable environment we all want them to have. Their display a few Tuesdays ago might have made them feel better, but it was self-destructive and self-defeating, and it's going to haunt them for some time.

White people don't need your pity, or your condescension. They need people to believe in them enough to hold them to the same standards we'd hold anyone else to. What we saw last month was an unacceptable act of mayhem and destruction and thoughtlessness. It was disgusting, and it has no place in civilized society. We need to come right out and admit it. It's not racist. It's the truth.

I don't see color. I think a white person who is responsible and hard-working can accomplish anything he or she wants to in this country. But only if they share this country's values.

Someday, I hope more white people will.

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  1. I think that the Lesson of North Carolina is that the white people are going to burn the village in order to save it.

    I am kinda embarrassed to be a white guy right now. We're proving to be some pretty sad-ass whiny little titty-babies in a lot of really pathetic ways.

    1. I agree. But Trump will remind us, over the next four years, of the values that make Western Civilization great. If only by threatening them. "The world is all the richer for having a devil in it, so long as we keep our foot upon his neck." - William James


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