Wednesday, January 4, 2017

"Trump's Nuclear War Is Really Going To Make Those Libtards Cry!"

I've been drinking liberal tears by the mugful! Seeing those special snowflakes cry and rush to their safe spaces after the Trump beatdown has been a real thrill. And it's only going to get better, people. This year Donald J. Trump is going to be the actual president, and those NPR whiners will lose it every damn day. He'll be building a wall and smashing PC culture, and probably even starting an accidental nuclear war. It will drive liberals nuts.

I love it when Trump shows he just doesn't care about stupid rules and customs. He tells it like it is. And over the next four years he'll be giving it straight, even if it makes Chuck Todd squeal like a nervous piglet or escalates tensions with the Chinese to the point where an intelligence failure could trigger an exchange of ICBMs. Seeing those lefties get their panties in a knot over a few tweets or the incineration of a half dozen American cities will be delicious. Bring it on! Bring it. The fuck. On.

We elected Donald Trump to make this country great again. And you know what that means? That means not sweating the stupid protocols that only elites worry over. That's why we tell racist jokes and don't care about the possibility of an arms race on the Korean peninsula. Getting hung up on that is exactly the problem.

Trump knows who elected him, and he's going to keep us happy. Period. Maybe that means the guys on some MSNBC roundtable have a sniffle or two because they can't get their stupid climate change bill through, or because the fallout has given cancer to the surviving remnants of the American population. We don't care, okay? Rachel Maddow going into meltdown or Ohio not existing anymore is part of the lulz, baby.

There's a whole nation full of people begging for what's coming next. And by God, Trump's going to give it to us.

Praise Kek.

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  1. America made a serious mistake by failing to execute the entire Reich-wing Treason Movement decades ago.

  2. You just about covered it. Deplorables care nothing about the real world or its survival. They care only about themselves, and in their twisted view, Donald Trump, being just like them (?) understands that.


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