Friday, July 28, 2017

My New Book - WE ARE ALL MADE OF TRUMP - Is On Sale

A cheery warning from a severed thumb. A man hidden deep beneath the earth who looks suspiciously like Sean Spicer. Paul Ryan’s hideous secret friends. An ancient curse, a nuclear missile with an inferiority complex, an alt-right cure for erectile dysfunction, and all the ways Steve Bannon will try to keep from killing you with his bare hands.

This is a sunny collection of tales about the misfit world surrounding our president... and the hilarious and deadly places we’re headed. It’s a book of scams and apocalypses, chuckles and doom, and you know it will happen, all of it, very soon.

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Also... I now have a page with links to my other books about America in the Trump era in case you want to check out State of Fear and Trump Tales of Terror.

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